No more memorizing or entering passwords

No More Password Issues
Enforcing password policies
Lots of reset requests
Inconvenience of 2-step verification
Looking for a safe and simple authentication service
개인정보 유출없이 인증 서비스 제공

No Personal Data

Online service providers can provide a mutual authentication service without personal data such as usernames, e-mail addresses, or telephone numbers.

Easy to Use

Thanks to user-frendly authentication service like ‘Username and password', users can use without any difficulty.

간편하고 안전한 사용법
간단한 API 연동

Simple API Integration

Developers can easily integrate this advanced mutual authentication service with their webistes using intuitive API.

Affordable Pricing Plans

You can start with flexible plans based on the current sign-in request count.

서비스 방식에 맞는 합리적인 가격