The ONLY solution that automatically generates and enters a password.

AutoPassword™ Disruptive Features
The World's first mutual authentication technology connecting users and services
Providing flexibility in case of losing a smartphone
Integrated with the world's best security authentication technologies
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A mutual authentication technology that verifies both the user and the service

It allows the users verify the service providers through their smartphones by the service automatically displaying the one time password when the users enter their IDs. It is also a mutual authentication technology that when the users verify the service’s one time password, the user’s one time password is generated internally and delivered to the service, and the service also verifies the user’s one time password. Among all current authentication technologies, it is the only technology that the user can explicitly verify the service.

Replace various user passwords with one AutoPassword™

With AutoPassword™, the users don’t have to remember or enter user passwords for each different service that they use. Since the AutoPassword™ service is immediately provided when the authentication server is connected with the service server, the customers can conveniently use the service without the burden of the user password no matter how many services they use.

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Flexibility in case of losing a smartphone

AutoPassword™ provides a user password function and an additional backup code, considering the situation where the user cannot use the smartphone due to its loss or impediment. The admin can allow users to use the service by the existing user password in a situation where they don’t have smartphones, or set it up to use the service by issuing an additional backup password.

The password service with the world best security authentication technologies

AutoPassword™ is integrated with the world’s best security authentication technologies along with its excellent usability. AutoPassword™ is applied with the world’s top class security authentication technology since the service password technology that the user can verify the service, biometric authentication technology and the international standard FIDO combined with the PKI authentication technology, and the geographic location-based authentication technology that verifies the user by verifying the IP address accessed by the user, are all applied together. AutoPassword™ has received attention from Gartner, IBM, and the global tech competitions in places such as New York, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, and Seoul.

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