How partner program is composed?
DualAuth runs two partner system. One is for the enterprise solution partner and the other is for the online service partner. Enterprise solution partner mainly focus at generating the revenue whilst selling and integrating DualAuth’s proudcts in their contry. Online service partner is only sepcially designed for mobile operators, credit card companies or public organizations which have already enough number of users and market share in their country.
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Why does DualAuth partner program is divided as an enterprise partner and an online service partner?
DualAuth products are easy to apply to the online services market and the enterprise market. Enterprise market is proven to generate the new revenue right a way. However Online service market is not a short term business. It needs a lot of time and resources. it requries a proven business entity who overcome a lot of online regulations.
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Is there any requirements to become an enterprise solution partner?
We make an enterprise partner contract with a company which has sales and engineering manpwers. If your company want to works as sales partner only, your company will be contracted as a sales agent under the partner in your country. For more details, please fill the contact information below.
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What are the benefits of the enterprise solution partner?
If you become the partner, you will receive the partner education, deal protection and etc. If you register your deal , It provides upfront product discounts to partners who engage with customers early on in the sales. Partners holding approved deal registrations will be the sole partner eligible to receive any further cost relief.
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