Computer Screen on which the AutoPassword program is running and Smartphone also

Secure Your Business
from Phishing and Pharming Attacks.

AutoPassword cloud is the only way to protect your customers from phising and pharming attacks, and free them from the password burden.

Similar to how we check our businesses verify their customers’s authenticity, customers also need a way to be able to authenticate the service they're using.

AutoPassword Cloud Assures:
No chance of hackers stealing customer’s credentials.
No possibility for your customers to fall victim to a fake online service.
No need to memorize and type user passwords or pass codes.
Many existing user authentication methods are still unsecure against hacking attacks spy icon
If customers of your online service connects to a fake online service, they are unknowinglly inputting their password, SMS code, OTP code, fingerprint or IRIS scan into the fake service. So far we have just checked our user’s authentication only. Our customers do not have any secure method to verify the authenticity of our services. All kinds of existing user authentication methods are designed under the condition that users are always connected to a genuine online service. However, there are many fake online services that can steal our customer’s information.
Smart Two-Way Authentication Is The Answer spy icon
One-way user authentication technologies are increasingly vulnerable to phishing and pharming attacks. It is very dangerous for our customers to blindly input their credentials into a fake online service without verifying the service’s authenticity. A more secure way is to provide a method which makes our customers check the authenticity of our online service first. So, wherever and whenever trust is needed most, smart two-way authentication is the answer.
AutoPassword Cloud Is The First Smart Mutual Authentication Service spy icon
AutoPassword Cloud is the only mutual authentication service in the world to verify the authenticity of the user and online service with a single touch. It allows the online service to present the AutoPassword code to the user first and then makes the user verify the online service’s authenticity with their smart phone.
Do you know how your customers are compromised by hackers?
1. Phishing
2. Pharming
3. Man-in-the-Middle(MITM)
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Do you want to be a AutoPassword service provider in your contry?
AutoPassword Cloud is already run by the several local partners. You can be a autopassword service in your contry with your brand name. Check out our success cases with our partners.
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Are you looking for a way to secure your company with AutoPassword?
Instead of AutoPassword cloud for B2C online services, we provide AutoPassword Enterprise to companies and goverments who are looking to protect and secure their online identity and important data.
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Do you want to use AutoPassword to protect your public online services?
We are willing to help public organizations who want to protect their users who use public online services. The starting point for eGoverment service and public online services is a strong identity and authentication platform. Please check how we’ve helped the Online Privacy Association in Korea.
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